Woman of a certain age and rather plain appearance is looking for her soul mate; or a man with a bright heart and a jaunty outlook on life.  If such a man exists and wants to teach me a thing or three about organic gardening, thoroughbred horse racing, sailing, and knows how to tie his own bow-tie…all the better. Of course he likes to travel when he is not taking time alone. I am a freelance writer, Ox & Gemini sun sign. Peace be with you!


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  1. Posted March 28, 2011 at 2:10 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hello from Friedberg (Germany)
    How are you?
    I found a piece of paper with your homepage.
    Do you remember, I gave you a massage in Bad Homburg, Kur Royal Day Spa, maybe one year ago.
    Did you write something about the “Kur Royal”?

    I quit my job there and travelled the last 6 month, together with my husband.
    We also went to Toronto and by train from east to west to Vancouver. Very nice. 🙂
    We really enjoyed it!

    Take care

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