Psychics, ghosts and apparitions: dare you indulge?

Graveyard, Haworth, Yorkshire, England

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At one time in Britain Catholicism was banned by the monarchy.  The Bar Convent is the oldest living convent in England (1686).  Margaret Clitheroe’s severed hand is part of an exhibition at the Bar Convent.

Haworth, Yorkshire, England ghost tours after dark by lantern with Philip. Check out Philip’s book on hauntings.

Scouting graveyards? You’ll want to look your best.  Hermes knows how to cover you up.

The city of York, Yorkshire is England’s most haunted city.   The York ghost walks is a thrilling adventure.  It’s easy to travel by train from the city of London to York.

October 18, 2012   Lost Magic on the History Channel.


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Before you divvy up your hard-earned cold cash for a face-lift and tummy tuck, you might want to consult a psychic/clairvoyant to see if a new squeeze is in store for your future. A reading with a psychic is the hottest item on the millennium menu. And believe you me, run, don’t walk, to your nearest and dearest soothsayer, because, at the moment, a good psychic is harder to find than a fine bottle of champagne on the shelf New Year’s Day.

So, how do you go about choosing a good and trustworthy psychic with an impressive track record? You ask around for recommendations, visit your friendly librarian and read up on the subject. You might even want to check out your local New Age shop for local information. And there is the Web. Keep security in mind. Never give out credit card numbers, bank account information or the like to a psychic. There are dishonest people in every profession.

When you finally track down a person with whom you want to consult, keep in mind the feelings and impressions you yourself receive from this person. Go with a psychic who you feel is sensitive, unhurried, and doesn’t talk in java script (confusing terms) and, above all, one with whom you feel comfortable talking. And, yes — psychics consult psychics.

“You might say psychics are in,” says Nikki, with a wink, over lunch at Toronto’s elegant Park Hyatt hotel’s Roof Lounge bar. “I’ve recently consulted a psychic. One particular thing she said came true the very next day.”

Nikki is a Toronto psychic who bills herself Psychic To The Stars and proclaims a vast local and international celebrity following. Nikki comes from a respected family of clairvoyants and psychics, and is so overbooked and so overworked of late she’s a nervous wreck. “I’m exhausted,” she blurts out with a sigh. “With my radio work and people’s interest in the afterlife and everything…I barely have time for myself.”

Nikki has appeared on Inside Entertainment Tonight Canada, E-Talk Daily with Ben Mulroney, City Pulse, Global, CTV news, CBC radio, Howard Stern show, 102.1 Edge, and Breakfast Television – City TV; she was resident psychic on Hamilton 820 CHAM, and 640 Talk Radio, and was used as a consultant for Ghosts, a two-hour documentary on the paranormal filmed in Toronto that has been shown around the world and on the Space channel.

“When people call in on a radio show I can answer their questions instantaneously over the air,” she says, revealing, later, that many Toronto Bay Street power brokers consult her regularly. Nikki is a regular feature at parties and gala film openings during the Toronto International Film Festival.

Nikki first realized she had this gift from the age of five. The ability to see things in the future — to see death, to see happiness, to see world events is being clairvoyant, and it has never frightened her. She believes she was born a clairvoyant. The ability runs in her family. Her father and her mother’s sister were psychics in Europe.

Increasingly, people no longer travel to more colourful parts of town to seek out a psychic. More often than not, a psychic is holed up in a swank apartment in a chi-chi part of town plying his or her trade to great monetary advantage. Nikki sees clients from all walks of life and from all parts of the globe and enjoys her work; she lives in an apartment in a fashionable part of Toronto and says it’s “very small but comfortable.” Besides, she usually visits a client’s house to do a reading, so space isn’t really much of a concern at the moment. She says personal space requirements could change soon as she needs more office space.

Nikki won’t discuss her yearly income generated from customary two-and-a-half-hours readings; but, advises big stars like Cher communicating with Sonny Bono through a medium a few years’ ago hasn’t hurt business. “I believe she’s (Cher) reinvented herself because of the death of Sonny Bono. He’s (Sonny) helped her in the afterlife. Cher is a very spiritual person.”

“I’m usually very accurate,” Nikki says, flatly. “When someone has been killed in a horrific accident or decapitated, I’m able to pick up on the exact place where the person died. I don’t need a person’s birth date or jewellery to come up with something. I just talk to them. Angels and visions come to me.”

It seems so do people from the other side, as in the afterlife, that is. Nikki claims to have had some very interesting communications during private client sessions. “Yes, I communicate with the dead,” she says. “I can contact a client’s departed love interest. It doesn’t matter whether the person died thirty-years ago or recently. I name the cemetery in which the deceased is buried, exactly how and where the person died, as well as other relevant information, including the person’s name. People feel good after a reading. It’s like a burden lifted,” she continues.

Nikki wants it made clear that she’s just happy to be helping people and that she’s not a witch. “Perhaps if I’d been born during the 1700s I would’ve been burnt at the stake,” she says. “Not now.”

Nikki forecasts more interest in psychics and clairvoyants for the future. There are many people who firmly believe in the afterlife, reincarnation, and all matters pertaining to spiritualism. These people, too, are looking for balance in their life and naturally gravitate toward someone who is extraordinarily sensitive and at one with the unexplained.

Some trivia:  In 1488 a servant girl gave birth to an illegitimate child in a cave beside the River Nidd in Knaresborough. The baby was deformed and known to be very ugly but grew up to become England’s most famous clairvoyant. Shipton wasn’t afraid to boil the pot for Lords, Bishops or even Kings with her prophecies. She went on to predict the Spanish Armada, the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, the English civil war and the invention of the steam train and steel ship.

Oh ghost where art thou?  If you enjoy a bit of the ghoul when travelling on holiday Scotland and England have the real deal:

Weavers Restaurant in the historic village of Haworth, Yorkshire (home of the Bronte writing family (Jane Eyre & Wuthering Heights) expects the “Grey Lady” ghost of Emily Bronte on the anniversary of her death 19th December.  You can scarcely get a reservation at Weavers on each and every 19th December.  I visited in the fall and indeed there is a strong presence in this place. (upscale dining). allows no photographs taken during their 90-minute walking tour of the city’s underground closes (narrow streets). Most of these passageways twisting and turning from tenement-house-to-tenement-house (apartment buildings reaching upwards of twelve-stories) beneath the city have not been seen for centuries. A time of plague-ridden Edinburgh in the 17th century is captured in these almost secret closes.  is another tour of the city beneath Edinburgh and allows for photographs to be taken during their tour of the closes — not as extensive an offering as that of Mary King’s close; but chilling nonetheless. Blackhart also offer City of the Dead haunted graveyard walks in Edinburgh.


Edinburgh Castle reveals dungeons and a way of life hundreds of years ago for those caught stealing. The city’s most famous castle dates from the 12th century.  One of the most interesting aspects of the exhibition is the display of a large heavy wooden door (not the door shown here) with prison inmates’ scratchings into the wood. What may be read is fascinating.  A quick one-hour walk through the castle can be done; but for the full experience of what this fascinating castle offers I’d suggest several hours. There is a cafe for tea and cakes on the castle grounds.  Just about any local bus will bring you to the street known as the Royal Mile. The street is quite long with the castle at one end and the Palace of Holyroodhouse (Her Majesty The Queen’s official residence in Scotland) at the complete other end of the Royal Mile.  It is on this street that some of the best shopping for wool products and fine Scotch whisky may be found as well as the ghost and underground city tours.  There are any number of excellent restaurants and pubs on the Royal Mile.  St. Giles’ Cathedral on the Royal Mile has a cafeteria-style restaurant in the basement.

23 Mayfield Guest House, Edinburgh is a hand-held guide to the city of Edinburgh.  Digi-Guide can be ordered to arrive at your hotel when you do or download the guide to your GPS application.  Any of the side streets that lead off of the Royal Mile will reveal interesting shops in Old Town. Just look for a sign that points to the Grassmarket or to Victoria Street. You’ll find quirky boutiques, a gourmet cheese shop, and antique shops.

Witchery Tours

Scotland abounds in superstition and the oldest of these have come to us from the Druids whose religion, Druidism, was practised by the ancient Celts. Many modern day festivals and Christian feast days have connections with the Pagan past. Fire was considered a sacred cleansing element and their belief is still observed at Halloween. Dew was their most sacred of all water forms giving rise to the May Day (Beltane) festivities when one is reputed to have eternal youth if you wash your face in the precious liquid. They believed that mistletoe possessed a divine virtue, probably because it is a remarkable parasitic plant, and it was customary to sacrifice beautiful young maidens to the flames (information supplied by

A strong constitution is suggested for the Cadies & Witchery Tours if you have a hunger for tales of hangings, witch-burnings, grave robbings and the history of torture.  Scotland was a hotbed of grave snatching to supply the day’s medical schools with suitable cadavers.

Original Ghost Walk of York, England.  Tour begins by the river after nightfall.

Ghost Hunt in the city of York, England. Tour begins in The Shambles, York, England.  The Shambles block of 14th century streets and laneways in York used to be the city of York’s open air slaughterhouse.  The cobble streets ran with fresh blood and animal innards.  The slaughterhouses may be gone; but, some say spirits remain to this day.

Philip leading a cemetery tour by lantern in Haworth, Yorkshire.

Philip leading a cemetery tour by lantern in Haworth, Yorkshire.

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