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Note: Trip idea. You’ll collect a lot of baggage stickers the world over and it will be so easy to play Globe Trotter. Why not sail on one of  Cunard ‘s ocean liners from  the City of New York to Southampton (UK) then fly from Southampton to Zurich, the Gateway to the Alps, with a network of more than 150 destinations throughout the world. Once in Zurich there is a direct network of roads and modern rail. There are nonstop flights from Zurich to Canada. For the 4th consecutive time Zurich Airport was awarded the World Travel Award for Europe’s Leading Airport.  There are frequent flight connections to Amman, Istanbul, London, and Stockholm. Swiss International Air Lines now operate two daily flights from Zurich to Istanbul and flights to the city of London, England increased to nine. The Zurich airport is a destination in itself with attractions  for family and business travellers. There are three nature reserves.

You’ll feel the energy to succeed and learn how to do it in style—befitting a Queen—on board the venerable Queen Mary 2 ocean liner, part of the Cunard Line of ships, offering classic luxury and ultra-modern amenities between two continents since 1840.

While on a six days’ Transatlantic crossing, Southampton (London, England) to New York, my adult daughter and I discovered new things about each other. We relived the Golden Age of ocean travel for a once in a lifetime adventure.

We learned how to dance, took acting lessons, spa treatments, attended gala balls, explored a grand ship, met interesting people at the Empire Casino, sampled cuisine we never would have had the opportunity of doing so had we not been on the QM2, struck a pose at the Veuve Clicquot® champagne bar, took photos on deck at midnight during a foggy evening and loved every single minute of our time together.

They say getting there is half the fun. On the Queen Mary 2 it’s more than true. Almost every crossing has celebrity guest speakers and programmes on tap, not to mention the opportunity to get in shape over the course of the voyage. No trouble getting to the gym…it’s right at your fingertips. Afterwards, step out onto the deck and take into your lungs the invigorating sea air. Then: afternoon tea anyone?

One of today’s health and wellness trends is towards treatments using water. What better place to indulge in the miraculous benefits of H2O than beneath a waterfall in the AquaTherapy Centre at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub® surrounded by the intense blue of the Atlantic Ocean.


The Canyon Ranch SpaClub® AquaTherapy Centre is primed for sublime relaxation with sensory showers, reflexology basins, whirlpool, aqua therapy pool, aromatic steam room, Finnish and herbal saunas, ice fountain, and locker rooms.

Try one of the airbed recliner lounges, neck fountains, or air tub and body massage jet benches before a sports, chronic pain, arthritis, first-timer or therapeutic massage, or try one of the thermal therapies. The Centre is complementary with a Spa Club Passport on the day of any Health & Wellness, Massage, Body or Skin Care treatment.

A jog on the ship’s open-air 360-degree Promenade Deck around the longest ship ever built (3 laps = 1.1 miles) is but one of the healthy activities available on the Queen Mary 2. Canyon Ranch health resorts on land and at sea set the gold standard in fitness, health and wellness, and spa treatments with state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and personnel that cater to both sexes at all levels of endurance. It’s possible to engage in a whole new way to live and view life after taking advantage of what Canyon Ranch SpaClub® experts have to offer. From classes for the golfer, runner, dancer, cyclist, swimmer, yoga and cardio enthusiast to tips for pet owners. There is a kennel on the QM2. Canyon Ranch lecturer Dr. Joseph Alpert has given talks on bypass surgery and how to stay healthy, live longer and stay out of the hospital. This is the crème de la crème for learning at sea.

The SpaClub® is 20,000-square feet on two-decks (7 & 8) with spectacular ocean views and a staff of over 50. There is a hairdressing salon and a full complement of beauty treatments and well-being classes offered for men and women during the voyage. You can get your teeth whitened to make any mother proud, your bones manipulated during a chiropractic session, your scalp thanking you due to a wild lime blossom massage treatment, your brain cells multiplying from one of the educational lectures, and just in case the ship’s four stabilizers built by Brown Brothers of Edinburgh, Scotland don’t keep an even keel—which is unlikely—a massage for a queasy tummy is on tap.

Thai Massage, QM2

Thai Massage, QM2

Chandrika is one of the Ayuredic therapists on the Queen Mary 2. She says there are two main kinds of Ayurveda treatments offered on the ship: Abhyangam massage and Kizhi (herbal pouch treatment) utilizing imported authentic Ayurvedic medicated oils. Chandrika uses a special massage to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling and in the case of post running to aid in the removal of waste body byproducts such as lactic acid.

Princess Grill Suite, QM2

Princess Grill Suite, QM2

Thai massage where arms and legs are gently eased this way and that way for a long and careful stretch by the therapist is one of the new treatments on the Queen Mary 2. The treatment makes use of pressure points on the body followed by deep strokes along body energy channels for cross-fiber friction massage. The cocooning envelopment bed is another very popular relaxation treatment.

Just remember when you first board the ship not to let the elegance and grandeur overwhelm you so that you forget there is some measure of organizational skill needed to tap into the ship’s extensive activities and spa offerings. On the first day before sailing there is an open house and tour held at the Spa. Spa services may be arranged in advance of sailing or once sailing has begun. Read the “Today’sActivities” schedule delivered to your stateroom each day for important information on the ship’s activities. This piece of information is invaluable.
Keep it with you as you travel about the ship just in case you have a change of heart and find yourself wanting to use the putting and driving ranges, and golf simulator on a whim. In addition to the SpaClub® indoor pool, there are four outside pools one with a retractable glass roof.

Healthy choices with Cunard!


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